Kenya straddles the Equator and is cut from North to South by the splendour of the Great Rift Valley. About 50 km wide and up to 3000m deep, this valley offers the viewer dramatic scenery, exquisite lakes and incredible birdlife. Lake Nakuru and its pink flamingos are the best of these. Kenya boasts many wildlife parks and reserves, the most famous being the Masai Mara Reserve, while Tsavo National Park is one of the world’s largest sanctuaries. Amboseli Reserve boasts game roaming the savannah with the snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. The extinct volcano of Mount Kenya dominates the highlands, while the idyllic stretches of tropical beaches give this magnificent gem of Africa yet another dimension.

The Masai Mara Reserve

The Masai Mara is one of the few remaining places left on earth where herds of game can still be seen in vast numbers, along with the Serengeti in Tanzania. The Great Migration between the Masai Mara in Kenya and the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is a phenomenon that is beyond description. Some 2 million wildebeest and zebra migrate north into The Masai Mara during the dry season, returning to the southern Serengeti as the rains falls from December to March. These animals are relentlessly tracked by predators, often preying on the sick and weak as they migrate in a clockwise fashion each year. The spectacles of great herds of game attempting to cross the crocodile infested waters is a once in a life time opportunity.

The Kenyan Coastline

The beauty of Kenya’s 480km coastline rates along side that of Zanzibar. A true tropical romantic paradise of unspoilt palm fringed beaches stretch for miles along the coast of crystal clear, turquoise waters. The coral reef running the length of this coastline offers some of the best diving, snorkelling, as well as big game fishing in its spectacular under-water world. This makes a perfect combination with an African safari.



For those that are after a varied safari experience in this iconic safari destination, this 10 night trip includes visits to a number of must see safari destinations and national parks within Kenya. The itinerary offers the visitor a range of experiences from sharing a table with a giraffe, exploring a different culture, seeing rhino up close and personal and witnesses the thrill of the migrating herds in the iconic Masai Mara. (Have a little more time? Why not add an idyllic beach stay to the trip).
2 nights Giraffe manor, 3 nights Sasaab, 2 nights Solio lodge, 3 nights Salas camp.


8 Nights Kenyan Safari and Gorilla Trekking

Ideal for those wanting to combine big game with big gorillas and therefore see the best of East Africa in a short time frame, this itinerary is ideal. With a couple nights to acclimatize to Africa on the shores of Lake Naivasha with its big game and pink flamingoes, to the iconic Masai Mara Game Reserve teeming with huge herds of wildlife and predator action, before moving on to a once in a lifetime Gorilla trekking opportunity in nearby Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. (Have a little more time? Why not add an idyllic beach stay to the trip).
2 nights Lake Naivasha, 3 nights Masai Mara, 3 nights Volcanoes National Park.