In the middle of nowhere, still incredibly unspoilt, are the beautiful islands of the Seychelles. This archipelago of some 115 islands, spread like emeralds over azure waters just south of the equator, is exotic paradise. Seychelles is a world of perpetual golden summer where people and nature live in effortless harmony. For a unique romantic beach destination, swim under the shade of palm trees in crystal clear waters in a private cove tucked amongst the granite boulders.

Luxury Beach Escapes of Seychelles


The small volcanic island of Mauritius rests 2000km off the south eastern coast of Africa, amidst the warm tropical waters of the Indian Ocean. The green rolling hills of lush subtropical forests, and 330km of pristine coastline are surrounded by one of the largest unbroken coral reefs in the world. Picturesque, exhilarating and vibrant, Mauritius offers hotels of every description and every type of entertainment facility imaginable.

Luxury Beach Escapes of Mauritius