Zanzibar Island

More than 1200 years ago, the three-cornered outlines of Arab Dhows were first spotted off the eastern shores of Africa. They came from Arabia & Turkey to trade goods for African ivory and slaves. These explorers came across an island so idyllic that the Sultan of Omar moved the seat of his empire to these shores called ‘Zayn Zal Barr’ – ‘Fair is the Island’ – and so began the extraordinary past of this scented land of coconuts and spices.

Today Zanzibar is a fascinating mixture of African & Arabic influences. Stone Town is a world heritage site with its ancient ruins, tightly tangled streets, coral stone houses and legendary wood carvings. Beyond the town, perfect bliss awaits along the pristine white beaches of this island gem, surrounded by the turquoise, balmy waters of the Indian Ocean. Spectacular sea life of its unspoilt coral reefs, local sailing dhows, groves of coconut palms and magenta sunsets provide an unforgettable tropical paradise of lazy days.

Travel Tip:

Although Zanzibar’s equatorial climate is pleasurable for most of the year, the best time to travel there is July-November when temperatures average 25 C. December-March is very hot, while April-June is the rainy season.