The Kalahari Desert comprises the majority of Botswana, while in the north the miracle of The Okavango Delta is an unusual and very beautiful environment comprising diverse habitats. The famous Moremi Game Reserve lies within and to the east of the Delta, and hosts a feast of game due to the vast amount of water in the region. The wildlife areas of Chobe, Linyanti and Selinda to the north form a wonderful contrast to the Okavango, offering game filled grasslands, forests, and dry woodlands.

To further contrast this diverse country, the Central Kalahari Game Reserve offer a look at the complexity and vastness of this barren landscape, while the Makgadikgadi Saltpans with their moon-like expanse provide a unique experience. For a few months a year these pans fill with water, turning itself into a breeding ground for birdlife, and attract herds of game to its grasslands.

Botswana – A vast country in Central Southern Africa (bordered by South Africa in the South) known to be hot and dry, with the exception of the lush oasis of the Okavango Delta in the north.

This large wetland of the Okavango Delta teems with life in an otherwise dry and inhospitable habitat. Heavy rains in the Angolan highlands to the North precipitate an annual flood resulting in fresh water flowing inland, turning the Kalahari sand into a maze of lagoons and channels. During the flood peak the delta’s area can expand to over 16,000 km² – a stark contrast to the less than 9,000 km² in the low period.

Largely off-the-beaten track, Botswana is a haven for wildlife and especially elephants. This unique and diverse eco-system truly offers the visitor one of Africa’s most exquisite game viewing opportunities.

Best Game Viewing Months: The best time for game viewing in the Okavango Delta is during the period between May and October. The most impressive month is August, when the champagne-colored water is at its deepest. The best time for birding and vegetation is during the rainy season between November and April when most of the young are born.

Travel Tip:
Book well in advance during peak season (May to October) to avoid disappointment!

Suggested Itinerary:

12 Days Around Botswana & Victoria Falls (Affordable luxury)

For those wanting to explore a variety of safari destinations in one itinerary, a visit to Botswana does just that. Starting off at Victoria Falls for a few days, visitors will then be treated to 9 nights on safari in Chobe National Park, The Okavango Delta and Moremi Game Reserve. All these destinations offer unique safari experiences and activities.

2 Nights Victoria Falls, 3 Nights Chobe, 3 Nights Okavango Delta and 3 Nights Moremi.

(Ideal ‘add on’ to a longer trip in Southern Africa)

Day 1:
Fly to Maun, Botswana – the gateway to the Okavango.
Board your light aircraft to transfer to your intimate Game Lodge situated deep within the waterways of the Delta. On arrival, you will be mesmerized by the remarkable and opulent qualities of the Lodge, as well as the immense beauty and secluded nature of the surrounding waterways and islands.

Day 2 & 3:
Safari activities by water are the primary specialty of the Okavango – the Mokoro – a dug-out canoe which is ‘poled’ along by your Guide is the most evocative way of exploring the numerous waterways. Traditional 4×4 Game viewing vehicles are used on the main islands. Walking Safaris are available from most Camps and Lodges which involve stalking and tracking wildlife with an expert Guide. Game Viewing flights are available by both light aircraft and helicopter. Another marvelous way of exploring the Okavango is on the back of an Elephant!

Day 4 & 5:
To experience the Okavango fully, we would suggest a transfer to another lodge of equal splendor, perhaps situated in a different setting with slightly different surroundings in order to fully appreciate the diversity of the wildlife, birdlife and vegetation in this magnificent oasis. (Activities as above).

Other areas of interest in Botswana:
Chobe National Park, Moremi Game Reserve and Savuti Game Reserve.

Other Areas to combine with in Southern Africa:
Namibia, Victoria Falls, Cape Town

Point of Interest

The Okavango does not really cater for the ‘Budget Traveler’.
This is deliberate policy on the part of the Botswana Government. They are anxious to avoid the mass tourism that has been allowed to spoil other areas of Africa, but also to protect the fragile eco-system that is the Okavango Delta. This policy has resulted in The Okavango Delta remaining one of the truly unspoiled wilderness areas of Africa. A place of incredible natural beauty, indigenous protected Wildlife and vegetation.